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Beats Studio Wireless – Are They Music To My Ears?

April 27, 2016, Written by 0 comment

After having a pair of really bad wireless headphones with only one working side, I thought that wireless headphones, especially earphones, had a long way to go before that could make a pair of aesthetically pleasing headphones that actually function well. Then I found Beats.

After having the Beats Studio Wireless Headphones since the 25th December 2015, I have had great pleasure with them, you really do ‘feel the music, not the wires’. Most people think that these headphones are rubbish because they are just beats, at first I thought the same, but it’s a bit like judging a book by its front cover, yes we all do it, but maybe you should just try them out. I do agree that they are slightly overpriced but after having them for a while, you start to forget about the price and realise how good they actually are.

I wear my headphones for about 2 hours every day (excluding weekends). Overall they are quite comfortable when I wear them for an hour straight and depending on what colour you get, they are all appealing to the eye. They are light and come in a nice hard case for you to carry the headphones around with you.

The music quality is also sound and does not have any problems with distortion. Most of my friends who have tried them out really like them and have also considered to buy a pair themselves.

If you are someone that moves around the office without taking the music device with you, then the range of the headphones is also quite good, but not so good that you can go to the shops as the signal does die through walls due to them being Bluetooth headphones.

For the amount of time that I use the headphones for, the battery lasts for about 5-6 days, which is quite good, you can also easily charge them anywhere with the USB cable and plug that take in 2.1 amps, in case anyone uses a portable battery charger like I do. If you want a bit more lifetime in them, you can use the AUX cable. They claim that the headphones last for 20 hours, I am not to sure on this as I am fine with them being wireless. As I mostly listen to my music wirelessly, I have to agree with Beats that they do have about 12 hours worth of battery life, I am generally quite happy with this as it does bring me to the end of the week, having to charge them. There are also sometimes where I may leave my headphones turned on, with the auto off feature, this is quite handy in saving battery life so that I can keep on listening to my music later.

Overall, I really like these headphones and if you are looking into buying these then I would personally recommend them especially to students.


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