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Electric cars – My Future Chauffeur?

May 10, 2016, Written by 0 comment

The electric cars or automotive industry is changing rapidly and has over the past 20 years. In the next decade, every car will offer a hybrid, plug-in hybrid, or full electrical transportation and the enactment rate of these technologies will begin to increase dramatically.

As producing these electrical vehicles is always going to be a challenge due to the expenses involved; the automotive industry will be able to offer more jobs for people who can figure out how to decrease the cost of manufacturing: batteries, motors and power electronics the help with the whole idea of electric vehicles.

Why do we need electric cars?

You may think that electric cars don’t use any energy that has an effect on the environment, but they do. When you plug them into the mains to charge them up, they will take the energy from a power station nearby, where coal is burnt or some other process of gaining electrical energy. Unless the energy is harnessed naturally through renewable energy, then it would be environmentally friendly, but then you have to include the factors of how much work was put in, to produce the renewable energy collectors and the electrical vehicles.

However, automotive transport can save you money; the price of the car industry has also fallen quite a bit since they were first being produced due to new technologies being invented and current technologies being upgraded. They can also help improve your health as you are not nearby any foul smelling old bangers.

Electrical vehicles also have fewer moving parts than a car powered by petrol or diesel as there is no engine, transmission, spark plugs, valves, fuel tanks or catalytic converter.Therefore, technically speaking, making it cheaper even though those parts have been replaced by motors, cables, batteries and smart computers with gyroscopes and GEO tracking technology.


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