Do you want to erase everything on your YouTube channel and get a fresh start? Well, it looks like you have come to the right place because we will show you how to delete a youtube account within minutes.

Since Google has integrated YouTube accounts with Google+, you will need to delete your Google+ profile in order to delete your account. This won’t affect Gmail, Drive, your Google+ photos, or any other Google products. If you have multiple channels on YouTube, you can delete your secondary channels without deleting any of your Google or Google+ information.

Method 1/2

Step 1: Visit the Google Account Management page.

Visit in a browser. Google has linked every YouTube account with a Google+ account. The only way to delete your YouTube account is to delete the Google+ profile associated with it.

  • Deleting your Google+ account will not affect other Google products such as Gmail or Drive. Your emails and stored files will not be deleted. All photos uploaded to Google+ will still be accessible via Picasa.
  • You will not lose your contacts, though they will no longer be organized by Circles.
  • You will not lose any Google+ pages you own or manage.
  • You will lose access to your Google+ profile and all of your +1s.

Step 2: Click the “Data tools” tab.

Step 3: Click the “Delete Google+ profile and features” link.

Step 4: Confirm that you want to delete everything described by checking the “Required” box at the bottom of the page.

Step 5: Click “Remove selected services”.

Your Google+ profile will be deleted, which means your YouTube channel will be deleted as well.

  • Your comments and messages will be permanently deleted.

Method 2/2

Step 1: Log into YouTube with the channel you want to delete.

Each channel you create will have an individual account on YouTube and Google+.

  • This is only available if you have multiple channels.
  • To switch accounts, click the image next to your name in the upper-right corner of the YouTube page. Select the channel you want to remove.

Step 2: Click your profile image in the upper-right corner of the YouTube page.

Click the Gear icon beneath your channel’s name.

Step 3: Click the “Advanced” link.

This is located underneath your channel’s name in the Overview section of the Settings page.

Step 4: Click the “Delete channel” button.

You will need to sign in again with your base Google account, and then the “Delete channel” page will open. You will be shown how many videos and playlists will be deleted, and how many subscribers and comments will be lost.

  • Click the “Delete channel” button again to delete the channel.
  • Your Google account will not be deleted.

Step 5: Visit the Google+ site.

Even though the channel has been deleted, you can still log in to YouTube with your associated Google+ page, which has the same name. To completely erase it, you’ll need to open the Google+ site.

Step 6: Sign in with the Google+ page you want to delete.

You cannot delete your Google account’s base Google+ profile.

Step 7: Hover over the Home menu and select Settings.

Step 8: Scroll to the bottom and click the “Delete page” link.

Step 9: Confirm that you want to delete it and click the “Delete page” button.

Step 10: Check the box for each service you will lose access to and then check the boxes to confirm that you want to delete the Google+ page.