IT Consultancy

Bespoke services to solve unique challenges everyday businesses face. Whether it is improved cybersecurity, disaster recovery, implementing complex networks or utilising the cloud, Nocrus is here to help.


Our Features

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IT Security

Improve IT Security, both on the network and the hardware.

Cloud Services

Leverage the cloud to provide low-cost, reliable services for businesses.

Disaster Recovery

Bespoke disaster recovery solutions such as on and off-site backups.

Network Installation

Bespoke on-site network installations for businesses of any size.


We can monitor hardware and network performance and security.

IT Support

UK based IT Support for your organization with SLA’s.

Managed Antivirus

Cloud Solutions


What WE Do

Four reasons businesses are moving to the cloud.


Cloud services are highly scalable. More resources can be instantly provisioned and load-balanced when required. Services are pay as you go (PAYG), and costs are predictable.

Highly Secure

Cloud Providers are required to ensure they are both physically and virtually secure. Their datacentres are locked down with access control. Like their datacentres, their networks are also continually monitored and locked down with firewalls.

Reduced CapEx

Capital Expenditure is reduced as there is no on-site infrastructure or software to be maintained or licensed. The cost of utilising the cloud is easy for an organisation to measure.


Cloud services are reliable. Most cloud providers will have a service level agreement that they must meet; this outlines the maximum downtime a service may have. This allows you to guarantee service availability and, as a result, improve business continuity.