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Should I Get A MacBook Pro?

April 4, 2015, Written by 0 comment

MacBook Pros are very nice looking computers: they are smooth, thin and light but what they look like is not how they perform. But, this does all depend on what you are using it for. Let’s go through the list.


MacBook Pros are very good computers for work, (by this kind of work I mean writing and browsing the internet), this is because performing simple tasks like this does not need much processing power, so they will be your perfect companion to take to school or into the office and to get lots of productive work done.

But, right now just typing this blog post up and updating an app in the background my MacBook Pro 2011 is already running slow, which really is not good at all, so for that reason, I would go for another laptop that is made by Razer because they make quite nice laptops.


Right, how can I say this without just saying ‘MAC’S ARE THE WORST AT GAMING!!!’.

You can play some small games really well like Minecraft or other apps on the app store should be ok for your Mac, playing games like TF2 (Team Fortress 2) your mac will be very slow at the start (especially when playing with friends over Skype). If you are going to be playing quite some other high-end game then I wish you good luck because you may have to force shutdown your computer which is just going to break your computer even more.

Apple advertises gaming on a mac to look really good. But if you are just looking at photos of the Mac, these could have been heavily photoshopped to make it look amazing and to make it look like it is performing well.

But of corse you may argue that I just have a 2011 Mac and that it is not up-to-date, well It is fully up-to-date and yes it is old but I bet you that after two weeks of you have your new Mac it will start running slow, especially when you have two monitors and an external hard drive plugged in, this will defiantly change startup times (by this I mean making the startup time even longer).


overall MacBook Pros look very nice and if you are using it just to type documents then you can feel free to go and get one. But, if you think that you can use it for a YouTube gaming channel and record all of your videos then you will be able to get some things done but your game will be quite laggy, also when you edit your videos , editing them will be completely fine, it will just be slow exporting it because of the CPU power. So on that note, if you are going to be using it to play games, then I will recommend that you do not get one, and you choose something like a Razer computer.


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