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Virtual Reality – The Place To Escape?

April 30, 2016, Written by 0 comment

Virtual reality is a great way to game or view a virtual world if you have a computer that can run it and enough money to be able to buy the product. Virtual reality is useful for bringing down the costs of architecture and experiencing areas of the world or universe that are too dangerous for ourselves to go too.

What is Virtual Reality?

The words ‘Virtual Reality’, really do explain the whole thing for themselves. Virtual reality is an artificial 3-dimensional environment that is generated by the software, in this case, game, that is on a computer that can carry out the tasks to output the display to the virtual device. You will see these images and then tricked into thinking that it is real, giving the ‘reality’ experience. You can experience virtual reality by two or five senses: sight and sound.

Virtual reality uses taste, touch, smell, sight and hearing; mainly sight and hearing are currently used but if you own a 4D cinema, then I am sure you can replace your display with the virtual reality headset. Of course, we do have more senses than this, as the feeling of pain, sense of temperature, sense of acceleration and balance.

Virtual reality can be divided into:

  • The simulation of a real environment for training and education.
  • The development of an imagined environment for a game or interactive story.

Why Have Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality is quite an exciting thought, being able to experience a real world, that is fake and used to manipulate your mind and senses. As mentioned before, immersive films and video games are good examples of using this fancy technology. The entertainment industry is after all a multi-billion dollar one and consumers are always keen on having new gadgetry.

Virtual reality is also really handy to use when you cannot experience something in real life because it either costs too much or it is impossible to produce or build the thing that you need. In the world of architecture and development, this can save on money as they can build a building in a 3D design programme and then view it through the headset. Not only that, but this technology can also be used for training people to do jobs confidently in the future or many more other things.

Where Can I Buy This Cool Stuff?

There are already a few good companies out there that are researching, upgrading and selling this impressive technology.

Our recommendations:

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