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Website Makeover

April 1, 2015, Written by 0 comment

Fresh Visual Design

If you’re making over your website, you will want to redesign your page layouts and navigation. Having a website makeover can be a good idea to do every so often because it will be something different for your company, also it may look at lot better than your old website. You may need to update your logo as well. A website and logo redesign is essentially company rebranding. Before you redesign your logo, think about how it’ll affect your existing customers and potential future audience, this will affect them too and you never know that they may have a better logo design idea, (yes I am talking about mini surveys). A good example is when Discovery Channel’s sister Animal Planet revamped its logo, and audiences responded not so positively. shares the public’s confusion over the new logo design.

“Dreadful. There’s NO life in this logo whatsoever.”

“When I first saw it my immediate thoughts were: 1.) Where’s the animal? 2.) Where’s the planet? Really a sad solution to their identity redesign project.”

Remember to pay homage to everything (good) that you have done in the past. Include components of the previous branding and make sure it can smoothly integrate into your new site and social media marketing channels.

Platform Upgrade

If your web design platform is also out-of-date, this is the time to upgrade for a better design template or enhanced features. Does your website need to be mobile-friendly? Most of the website redesign inquiries we get come from business owners that want to have their website mobile-responsive. Google recently announced that they would be penalising websites that were not mobile responsive – so now would be the time to upgrade your platform. Would a Facebook comment widget enhance your user engagement?  Do you want to feature a blog or install a shopping cart?

For the low-budget, DIY crowd, reviews Wix as an easy-to-use “drag ‘n drop” editor for creating a professional-looking website. But if you want to own your website and have complete control, then it needs to be properly hosted and built on an open-source framework. Digital Knife Productions often uses a customised WordPress framework as an affordable and powerful base for website redesigns.

Test & Launch

Always test your site before it goes live. For blogs, A/B testing may not be the most important component of the redesign process, but an e-commerce business can collapse without proper testing. Use Google Analytics to test the responsiveness of your new site. This free option provides side-by-side comparisons between your new and old sites, checking the speed, bounce rate and user behaviours between the two.

Once your site’s ready to go live, create a launch plan and invite your customers to the site’s big debut. Host a Twitter party and promote giveaways. Also, don’t forget to generate buzz over your new site design and increase online visibility with a press release blast and an ongoing marketing strategy.

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